Monday, March 30, 2009

How to Use Your Children to Annoy a Liberal

Selwyn Duke -- How to Use Your Children to Annoy a Liberal

Lastly, if a liberal asks you why you have so many kids, you can just explain how survival of the fittest ensures that the right members of a species breed and inherit the Earth. And be sure to follow up with, “Besides, every time I have another child, there’s one more person in this world to pray for you.”

Enjoy Mr. Duke's very tongue-in-cheek article at the link above.

I'm still snickering to myself.


  1. Beautiful example of loving thy neighbor.

    Being a friend to your enemy. Reaching out in, oh, let's say compassion.

    Oh, and not stereotyping those who may disagree with you. Because of course "liberal" must always mean "heretic", "anarchist", "bad parent" and "idiot".

    Snicker away, and the liberals will just continue to roll their eyes at the hypocrisy.

    Mockery and insult are not really the most effective way to win people over to your views. How is this kind of self-congratulatory, hateful sneering, disguised as 'tongue-in-cheek' humor, supposed to bring the stray sheep into the fold?

    WWJD indeed?

  2. I thought it was very cute and not nearly as inconsiderate as their comments on how many children we have. I'm 24 and have three children and one, Lord willing, on the way. I get comments all the time about how close they are in age, ain't I too young to have that many children, and are you done yet? I've always just chuckled and quickly walked away so I would like to thank you for the cute remark. I'll be sure to say it "kindly."

  3. Actually, motherbynature, sarcasm is a legitimate literary device quite useful for making a point. And, yes, Christians are allowed to use it. If you read the comments section of the linked post you will find your arguments already hashed out.

    For further reading on the Christian use of sarcasm, please see

    InChrist, I know what you mean about the children. I gave birth to 5 & 2 were taken to heaven 6 1/2 years ago. If anyone thinks having a handful of kids is too much, he or she should try giving up two of their own. It is not something I would wish on anyone, anywhere, anytime; but the perspective should be to take on God's view that each of these children is an absolutely precious gift.

    Thanks for stopping by, ladies.


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