Tuesday, March 24, 2009

21st Century Tea Party

21st Century Tea Party:
"The 21st Century Tea Party
A Digital March on Washington
Friday March 27th 2009
We must try to stop the bleeding. We must demand that congress stop spending NOW! Whether you’re right, left or center you will agree that Washington spending is out of control and bankrupting our nation. We can’t begin to heal our wounds if we don’t stop the bleeding. Please join me in a march on the information super highway; straight to Congress and the mass Media. If we can unite as one nation with one voice and shout “STOP SPENDING”, we can get their attention. This will also make our upcoming Tea Parties much more effective.

All day this coming Friday - call, fax and email.
Tell them to STOP spending now.
The faxes and emails can be pictures of the original Tea Party that read “STOP SPENDING”.
Go to their websites all day to look for responses.

Spread the word, tell every one you know, send out their contact information,which can be found on this site under archived blogs.

I suggest we concentrate on all members of the House and Senate Budget Committees, Majority and Minority Leaders in the House and Senate, and the media outlets listed under media.

Imagine the response if they received MILLIONS of communications in one day!"

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