Tuesday, September 23, 2008

America Beyond The Point Of No Return -- Doug Patton -- GOPUSA

It's good to see this kind of an article on a Republican site, since Republicans are just about as bad as Dems when it comes to bloated government.

America Beyond The Point Of No Return -- Doug Patton -- GOPUSA

"'Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it.' - George Bernard Shaw

A half century ago, Russian-born writer Ayn Rand warned about the creeping socialism she saw in America even then. In her thousand-page tome, 'Atlas Shrugged,' Rand told the story of John Galt, a shadowy figure who is so fed up with high taxes, burdensome regulations and interference from government, he secretly recruits the best and brightest of American capitalism - the captains of industry - to withdraw from society to the mountains of Colorado, leaving the growing welfare state without any visible means of support.

Imagine what Ayn Rand would say about the federal government coughing up quantities of cash even career bureaucrats didn't talk about in the 1950s; all to bail out quasi-government entities whose overseers were complicit in the failures of those very institutions."

Please follow the linked title for the rest of the article.

The Federal Government has been growing exponentially since the War Between the States. This must be reversed if we don't want a socialistic nanny state governing every little part of our lives.

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