Thursday, August 28, 2008

Some Thoughts on Foreign Language Study

Under the subchapter heading, "Beginning the Formal Study of Greek and Latin:"

All foreign languages need to be studied on regular basis--at least four times a week, but every day is better. Don't take the summer off unless you must. If you stop for any length of time, then it is normal to fell lost and need some extensive review. Such is the nature of language study; if you don't use it, you tend to lose it. Steady study--evenly paced advancement--is what we want. Language study develops the mind, much like math. We won't all produce Ph.D. Latin scholars, but we will produce students who learn to think in other categories, and who are better prepared to study even in English.

~~Teaching the Trivium, Harvey and Laurie Bluedorn, p. 365


  1. Hi Sherry, I googled "heirloom sewing, Irving, Tx and your blog popped up. We live in Sulphur, LA and will be evacuating to The Hyatt in Irving tomorrow. I thought it would be fun to find an heirloom store and do a little browsing during my "vacation." Got any fav places you shop locally? P.S. We have hs'd since 1990.

  2. Hi, crumpfarm, I hope your home is spared from damage. I don't believe that Irving has any heirloom sewing shops, so i can't help you there. I hope y'all find ways to enjoy yourselves & not worry.


  3. Hi Sherry, We have heard that winds were only bad for about an hour back home, so that's a good sign. Someone is checking our home later today. I'm looking online for some shops that might not be too far to drive to. And it's not like I don't already have a ton of WIP. I went to Kari Mecca's school at the Martha Pullen conf. in July and LOVED IT!
    God Bless,


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