Friday, August 22, 2008

My Baby~~A Poem

I was looking through some copies of newspaper clippings my husband's grandmother had kept along with some of her genealogical info, & this poem was among the photocopied articles. I hope you enjoy it.

My Baby

My baby's tears are tiny pearls
From angel eyes of blue.
They bathe my heart and keep my thoughts
Forever clean and true.

So swiftly do the years pass by,
The years when you are mine,
I stoop to kiss each tear-stained eye
With mother love divine.

My baby's kiss transports my soul
On gossamer wings of joy
To dreams I dream while holding close
My precious honey boy.

God made us mothers, every one,
He knows the joy and fear
Contained within each baby smile,
Or in each baby tear.

~~by Mabel Y. Fuhs

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