Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Happily Never After

From today's FRC e-newsletter:

Jim Henson once said, "Television is...teaching whether you want it to or not." Unfortunately, the majority of networks aren't teaching kids the values that most parents would prefer they learn. Primetime vulgarity is skyrocketing, as are lawsuits to keep the FCC from regulating it. While liberals focus on shutting down the government's watchdog, the Parents Television Council (PTC) is doing its best to warn families about the latest trends in programming. The newest research shows that the networks have very little to be proud of. This week, PTC announced the findings of its latest study, "Happily Never After: How Hollywood Favors Adultery and Promiscuity over Marital Intimacy..." In the first month of the 2007-08 television season, PTC watched over 207 hours of "scripted entertainment" on ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, and the CW. It became obvious that "network TV likes sex, but not in marriage." The glorification of adultery and other misbehavior was almost universal. On every network, PTC found that the references to non-marital sex outnumbered the references to marital sex by nearly 3 to 1. Hollywood's assault on morality wasn't reserved for late-night viewers either. "The Family Hour-the time slot with the largest audience of young viewers-contained the highest frequency of references to non-married sex (3.9 to 1). On NBC alone, the remarks about "incest, pedophilia, partner swapping, prostitution, threesomes, transsexuals, bestiality, and necrophilia combined outnumbered references to married sex by a ratio of 27 to 1." Is it any wonder that we're fighting to save marriage when most Americans are ingesting a steady diet of Hollywood's contempt for it? The networks' fascination with this sexual revolution should bring nothing but sexual revulsion.

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  1. Unfortunately, that seems to be what people want. I don't know whether I'm more upset with TV programs doing what TV programs have always done (pushed the envelope), or with the millions of people who turn it on and mindlessly accept everything put before them.


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