Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Way for All States To End REAL-ID by Thomas Andrew Olson

If the federal government won't respect individual and states rights, we may have to try something altogether different:

A Way for All States To End REAL-ID by Thomas Andrew Olson: "As of this writing, only a handful of states have formally resisted implementation of the draconian REAL-ID act, where the Feds create a de facto national ID card by hijacking the driver licensing agencies of all 50 states. Despite the chilling 'papers, please!' overtones to this, some states are falling into line like so many obedient sheep, while the majority have resorted to sending the Department of Homeland Security a letter of intent to comply, which extends them another year or so of lead time before the mandate finally kicks in. Of course that path only legitimizes the law, as opposed to standing up to the Feds and declaring the law the unconstitutional usurpation that it is.

DHS head Michael 'Skeletor' Chertoff has made it clear that starting next year the residents of Montana, Maine, et al. will find it impossible to board an aircraft or enter a Federal building unless their state legislatures and governors cave in to his demands.

There is a third way, however. It’s simple, doable, and one that is guaranteed to stop REAL-ID in its tracks. Every state can do it. Its only drawback is that state governments will have to give up certain entrenched powers that they have arrogated to themselves for decades.

To stop REAL-ID, the states only have to get completely out of the drivers license business – by June of 2009."

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Beverly Eakman -- Schools Prepare Pupils to Accept a Police State

Beverly Eakman -- Schools Prepare Pupils to Accept a Police State: "by Beverly Eakman
April 8, 2008

Somehow I missed this news item, and maybe you did, too. Then again, perhaps the mainstream media took pains to keep this one quiet, hoping the fire wouldn’t hit the fan.

It seems that in 2003 an honor student in Arizona at Safford Middle School named Savana Redding, an eighth-grader with no disciplinary record, was strip-searched — and I mean really strip-searched, down to the crotch of her panties — in pursuit of nonprescription ibuprofen tablets. [See the end of this article for links to news stories.] Ibuprofen is the equivalent of the pain-relieving ingredient in Advil, Motrin, etc…, and never known to provide a “high” or to be addictive. Two such pills (the typical dosage) supposedly equal “prescription strength” — providing school authorities just enough wiggle room to go to extremes."

What is going on in this country is dumbfoundingly amazing. It is nothing short of evil to harass young girls and old ladies this way. If these things can happen to them, they can happen to the rest of us. We must speak out against the evil. We must take back the education of our children from the government schools.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Laurie Roth -- Stuck on Stupid Syndrome is Growing

Laurie Roth -- Stuck on Stupid Syndrome is Growing: "By Dr. Laurie Roth
April 4, 2008
Our Culture seems to be stuck on stupid and backwards thinking these days! We see many of our top leaders, politicians and management confused about right and wrong, victim and perpetrator, bad guy from good guy. This “stuck on stupid” syndrome acts like a fast growing brain tumor, reflecting symptoms in runaway courts, political agendas that are mostly hidden and un American, and endless empathy for sick, illegal and dangerous people!"

Please read the rest of Dr. Roth's article at the above link--and keep home schooling your children. We're a bastion standing against the socialistic group think taught by the monolithic government schools.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008 : California parents arrested -- Caught Home-schooling their children without a teaching credential funny satire story : California parents arrested--Caught Home-schooling their children without a teaching credential funny satire story: "Sacramento, California - A three-judge panel from the 2nd District Court of Appeals made it illegal on February 28 for any parent to home school their child, unless they have a teaching or tutor credential. Upon hearing the ruling, school districts officials began demanding that police take immediate action. So yesterday, throughout the state, judges secretly began swearing out and signing arrest warrants for any parent who was suspected of home-schooling their children without a teaching credential.

Setting up a special task force virtually overnight, SWAT teams and truant officers armed with arrest warrants and automatic weapons began rounding up wayward parents, and against their will placing their child in protective custody and enrolling them in public schools throughout the state.

Originally thought to be a logistical nightmare, distinguishing home-schooled children from that of the public school system, officials quickly learned they could gather up a list of suspects from last year's contestants, finalists and winners of the National Spelling Bee Contest, unusually high SAT scores and any kid who passed a random drug screen and/or pregnancy test."

Click the title link to finish this fun spoof about the poorly [wink, wink] educated California home schoolers.