Thursday, March 13, 2008

Monthly Classical Lecture Rescheduled

Classical Christian Education and the Early Church Fathers
Wes Callihan

* rescheduled *

March 27th, 2008
5-7 PM Pacific Time

If you would like to attend, please follow these instructions.

Please go to Click on the tab at the top left of your window that says Meeting Center. You will see a list of all the meetings currently running. If the conference run has been opened, you will see “conference room” on the list. Click join next to this room.

When prompted, enter your first and last name and email and then use the password “Antigone” when prompted. The software will take a little while to download when you enter the first time, so please be patient if nothing appears to be happening. Once you are in the room you will be asked if you would like to join the VOIP audio conference- you need to join this to hear the audio, so please accept it. We will be having a question period during the lecture, so you will need a microphone on your computer if you would like to participate in that. You also need a high speed internet connection to participate- dsl, cable or satellite.

If you are having technical difficulties, you can call the webex tech support number - 1-866-229-3239. Please do not call tech support unless the conference room is running. I will attempt to leave the conference room running as much as I can this week, so you can practice entering before the time of the actual meeting.

Thank you for your interest,
Fritz Hinrichs

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