Thursday, October 25, 2007

101 Ideas to Add Spice to Your Homeschooling Days: from Lunablog

April at Lunablog has posted 101 ideas to help break up the routine in your homeschooling. Here are several of them for you to check out, then you can follow the link over to April's place.

1. Move book-work outside for part of a day: use the great outdoors as your classroom. (Decks, patios, lawns, or even forests are great.)

2. Light a candle, sing a song, recite a special poem or verse, say a prayer, or incorporate some other routine to commemorate the beginning of study time. Focus on making a special environment for your learning experiences.

3. Take a walk in your neighborhood, to get the wigglies out and the blood pumping.

4. Look for exciting and inspirational "Living Books" to replace or supplement dull or uninteresting textbooks. You can do this for topics in many subject areas: Math, Science, History, Geography, Music, Art, etc.

5. Find out about your local economy first-hand. Visit and tour local businesses, factories, farms, etc., to see how different people in your area find employment.

6. Fill a couple of grocery bags with non-perishable goods from your pantry. Let your kids make price tags for the items, and take turns "shopping" and being cashiers. If they are old enough, they can add up totals, make change, and more. This activity can often last for several afternoons!"

101 Ideas to Add Spice to Your Homeschooling Days:

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