Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Continuing On With SRE

Hopefully, our small project has opened a new avenue of creativity for you. There are numerous books, kits, and patterns available. Sometimes a magazine will feature a fun project. When you shop a resale/remaindered bookshops, be sure to check for SRE books.

My introduction to silk ribbon embroidery came through Sew Beautiful magazine. You can purchase back issues, which also contain loads of information on heirloom sewing, smocking, shadow embroidery, and much more.

Some inspiration I received from SB:

Boy's button-on suit. The ladybugs and the fence are silk ribbon.

A simple dress with SRE sunflower bouquet. Very nice for an older girl.

And a floral print dress with my own smocked design:

The buttons are enhanced with silk ribbon stems, leaves, and French knot blossoms.

The Reader's Digest Complete Book Embroidery has a chapter on SRE, and makes a great reference for several different kinds of needlework. It can be obtained on Ebay.

The Art of Silk Ribbon Embroidery, by Judith Baker Montano, features some background info as well as some of the women involved in promoting SRE. Projects include a doll, an ornament, decorating bow ties, purses, sachets and picture frames, as well as embroidering on transferred photographs.

Two-Hour Silk Ribbon Embroidery, by Malissa Williams, presents over 200 quick designs which showcase the versatility of SRE. The flowers, of course, are there, but so are the veggies and fruits: pumpkins, red peppers, peas in the pod, grapes and strawberries among them. There is quite a variety of vignettes in many themes.

On a more advanced level is Martha Pullen's Silk Ribbon Treasures, which combines SRE with heirloom sewing and smocking. Absolutely gorgeous!

Some online retail sources for SRE books, kits, and supplies include:

Stitcher's Paradise
Discounted Needlework
Cam Creations
Helen Gibb's Shop
In Good Company

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  1. Thank you for the inspiration. I have always enjoyed sewing and, God willing, one day will be able to take up the smocking.


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