Thursday, August 30, 2007

Transferring Embroidery Patterns to Fabric

I found this article on transferring an embroidery pattern on Bella Online, and was very impressed with it. I love the history content as well. I'm linking to it here so you can get the design transferred onto your project and be ready to start embroidering. Please note that with SRE you do not need to transfer the design as shown on the pattern. Transfer the lines for the stems (even changing their direction if you prefer) and just use simple marks (dots, lines, circles) to show the location of the flowers and leaves. You'll refer to the pattern itself for what to stitch where.

The Bella article:

As anybody who has had to either paint, or embroider on fabric will understand, much of the frustration comes, not from the actual work, but from actually getting the design onto the fabric.

With light coloured fabric, the problem becomes very easy – it is easy to use charcoal to draw the pattern straight onto the fabric. In fact, there is substantial evidence that this was done from medieval times. Parts of the Bayeux tapestry show evidence that the design was first drawn onto the fabric, and then stitched over.

There is also some evidence that designs were also painted straight onto fabric – in living colour no less.

These were not done by the actual embroiderers, or the embroidery guilds, but often by a commissioned artist, and then the embroiderers sewed directly over the paintings. Very useful, especially if there was a lot of intricate shading involved.

By far the most common method – especially after the introduction of embroidery pattern books in the 15th century – was prick and pounce.
Continued at Bella Online.

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