Saturday, August 25, 2007

Ladies' Finishing School--It's My Turn!

This coming week I'll be sharing about silk ribbon embroidery. This is such a fun needlecraft to do. It produces beautiful results in a short time, and looks as if you spent ages creating it. Very satisfying.

First, you need to find a piece on which you can work your own personal silk magic. Silk ribbon embroidery is washable on gentle cycle, perhaps in a laundry bag, or by hand. It is heavier than cotton thread embroidery, so your chosen piece needs to have a bit of weight to it. Possible items to embroider include:

Napkins, tablecloths, tablerunners, blouses, gowns, jackets, pillowcases, girls' dresses, pillowtops, fabric for framing (including small pieces of fabric for jewelry pins and pendants), vests, and evening bags. A hankerchief could support small amounts of silk ribbon embroidery, such as rose buds with cotton embroidery for the stems.

Figured out what you'll work on? I hope I've at least got the gears to moving for you.

Please come back for more about silk ribbon embroidery, and feel free to leave comments as we work our way through the steps this week.

Satin boudoir slippers with silk ribbon embroidery, c.1920, from Vintage Textile. These cost $550. Perhaps I should use these posts for Frugal Fridays! LOL


  1. I'm fascinated by the shoes. Do you know how you would do embroidery on shoes? Decorative flats are in right now, and it would be fun to do some of those. I was also thinking you could buy some plain fabric house slippers and do the embroidery on those.

    What do you think?

  2. I've always wanted to learn ribbon embroidery. I've been self taught in embroidery since I started at the age of ten or such, but I never tried my hand on ribbon embroidery. Are there any special needles you need? Do you use special ribon or just any fabric ribon that you have on hand?

  3. Elizabeth,

    If you were making the shoes yourself, you'd probably do the embroider on the outer layer of fabric before you assembled the shoes. For premade shoes, you could do some embroider on the instep, though a closed toe could make it a bit awkward (but stile quite do-able).


    See the next post!

    Thanks to both of you for your comments and questions.


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