Thursday, August 9, 2007

Frugal Friday--Furoshiki

Here's an interesting idea for carrying things. It's both green and frugal.

The furoshiki is basically a square of fabric, like a large bandanna , that can be used in many ways for carrying items.

As you may have guessed, the furoshiki comes from Japan, and there are whole shops dedicated to selling them. They come in many beautiful silk designs, but you could also use something like broadcloth. The fabric does need to be soft enough to easily tie.

It can be used to wrap your lunch. Simply set your lunch items in the middle of a large cotton square, and tie up the opposite corners, leaving a little bit of slack for a handle. When you're ready to eat, The furoshiki opens up to make a placemat. When you're finished eating, the furoshiki can be folded and tucked away for carrying back home.

Large fabric squares can be use to carry larger loads, such a laundry, toys, craft projects, and groceries.

They make great gift wraps, which then in turn become useful to the giftee.

The furoshiki is easily washed and stored.

The link below shows tying diagrams for carrying an amazing variety of items, all with a simple piece of square cloth.

How to use Furoshiki

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  1. Oh, those are so cute! I use Wal-Mart bags for everything and the look tacky. Thanks!

  2. The Japs are really good at these kinda things - will try this when we go for a picnic. Thanks!

  3. I saw a link to this post at Hearty Works blog and posted a comment that it must be Japanese. We lived in Okinawa for three years. I knew I recognized Japanese ingenuity :-)


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