Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Shabby Chic I Corinthians 13

If all of my furniture is distressed and white but I can’t speak kindly to my children, I might as well have plastic from KMart.

If my shower curtain hooks are rosebuds and my shower curtain is embroidered organza but I don’t care for the poor, I might as well have mildewed vinyl and snap-together rings.

If my table is covered with Victorian quilted runners and cherub napkin rings but I don’t show respect to my husband, I might as well have paper coasters and…well, just paper coasters.

If my throw pillows are beaded and bangled and fringed and laced but I’m not thankful to God for my daily bread, I might as well have lumpy pillows with the stuffing spilling out.

If I have a teacup from every decade arranged on delicate hooks but don’t ask God what He wants me to do each day, I might as well have big ol’ fast food cups stacked on the window sill.

If I have lavender sachets hanging on every doorknob but am not concerned for wounded souls, I might as well have unchanged kitty litter in my corners.

If I have fresh roses on my mantle and carry a quilted tote but don’t take good care of my employees, I might as well have a plastic cactus and a backpack.

By Nancy Guenther of Teacups and Roses, posted at her Teacup Talk Blog. Do have a visit at her shop, she has so many lovely things.

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  1. Wow! That is a powerful statement about making our inner lives match our outer selves.

    Thanks for sharing that.


Thanks for posting. I really appreciate it.