Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Free Classical Music Appreciation Curriculum

Barbara McCoy of The Heart of Harmony is offering the Harmony Fine Arts high school music plan for free on her website.

Currently the 9th grade plan is ready for downloading. It uses Classical Music Experience (book and CD) as the spine and the Harmony Fine Arts' plan schedules out the composers for each year with internet links for listening to the classical music selections online. The plan also schedules Classical Music Start-Up Kit volumes 1 and 2 to go along with the book. These three items are the only materials you will need to complete your four year high school music appreciation program.

She anticipates having all four years of the high school music appreciation plan ready by January 2008.

This plan was designed for the high school student to use independently.

Clear instructions are included with the download.

Barbara would love to hear any feedback you have about the program and the free download. harmonyfinearts@yahoo.com

Barbara has a very nice blog, The Heart of Harmony, that I include in my blogroll. Her business site is Harmony Fine Arts at Home.


  1. Sherry,

    Thanks so much for helping to spread the word about my art and music appreciation program. I would love to help as many families as possible.

    Barb McCoy
    Harmony Art Mom

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Thanks for posting. I really appreciate it.