Saturday, July 21, 2007

Adventures in Cake Making

Julieanne at My Daily Life as a Wife and Mother hosted this week's Ladies Finishing School, giving step by step lessons on making a lucious yellow cake with lemon cream cheese frosting. I had originally wanted my dd to do the whole thing, but between her natural inclination to daydream and lack of concentration from low blood sugar problems that we've just recognized, she's really behind in her Worldviews of the Western World I. In order to let her get some of her work done, I made the cake layers, which was a lot of fun for me as I don't normally make cakes, especially from scratch (reference the above mention of low blood sugar problems--it runs in the family). It was so easy I don't think I'll bother with a cake mix anymore. We'll at least avoid the preservatives that way. Since I didn't want to heat up the kitchen, I used my relatively new countertop oven, which means the first layer was a bit of an experiment. It turned out okay, but the second layer was better. The cakes smelled heavenly, much better than a mix.

As I said, I don't often make cakes. Maybe that's why my 10yo ds couldn't resist having some. Yes, he took a small chunk out of the side. And when I went to add the second layer to the cake this morning, I discovered he'd taken a chunk from the top and flipped the cake over to keep it from being seen. This explains why the top of the frosted cake looks a bit like a photo of Mars rather than nicely swirled icing.

Our frosting was a bit on the soft side, maybe because the cream cheese had been frozen for a good while. We didn't realize this until most of the cake was frosted, so we didn't have the chance to add in more sugar. The second layer kept sliding and I finally had to push in a couple of toothpicks to keep it in place. Sissy sliced the lemons before I could tell her to make the slices thin, which is why the cake looks a bit juicy at the bottom. Sissy also learned that just because there's lots of frosting in the bowl, it doesn't mean you are required to try to use it all! Heehee. So, after a bit of ado, here's the new creation:

And it tastes great, too! It's rather sweet to me, so I'd prefer a cup of coffee with it. Yum.


  1. Yum delicious! So glad you posted a sounds like a perfect summer treat!

  2. You did wonderful Sherry!!! Thank you so much for posting a picture--I so enjoyed this post.


  3. That looks divine, and I'm dieting right now, which makes it mouthwatering!

    I'll have to come back for this recipe, later...20 pounds later. ;)


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