Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ladies' Finishing School is Up

Elizabeth at The Merry Rose and Emma at Charming the Birds From the Trees have the Ladies' Finishing School up and running. The first week's lessons on Personal Presentation are posted at Emma's blog. There will be lessons running all summer and into September, except for the week of July 4 for Independence Day. We will be learning about such things as French culture, etiquette, needlework, flower arranging, table settings, and more. I'll be teaching how to make a pretty hankie and embellish it with silk ribbon embroidery in August. Please visit Elizabeth's and Emma's sites and consider participating in the first online Ladies's Finishing School.


  1. Hi Sherry, thanks for the visit and your comment.
    I peeked over at the Finishing School. I might tell Mrs. Jim about it, she is very French for being a many generation American.
    In fact we have been to Bourdeaux twice to visit her relatives who didn't come here.
    I think we like Paris and Provence better for visiting France.

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Thanks for posting. I really appreciate it.