Thursday, May 3, 2007

Frugal Friday--Washing Towels

As it turns out, the best way to get towels clean and keep them absorbant is also the most frugal way. When laundering towels, machine wash in warm water with similar colors. Washing towels with clothing can cause pilling and wear on the clothing, so wash towels separately. Be sure to wash brand new towels before use, to remove any excess dye from deeptone and brilliant colors. Always wash dark colors separately, and avoid chlorine bleach. Unless the towels have been used for cleaning jobs, use half the called for amount of detergent. Add a cup of vinegar to kill germs and a half cup of baking or laundry soda to remove odors. If you've been using much detergent in the laundry, you may be shocked at how much is still in the towels. You may need to run them through a wash cycle with just the vinegar and soda to really get them clean.

Tumble drying will enhance the softness of your towels. Give the towels a good shake to remove wrinkles and to help them dry faster. Remove dry towels promptly from your dryer, shake them out, and fold. If you prefer to hang the towels to dry, shake them out before and after drying to fluff up the fibers.

Do NOT use fabric softeners or dryer sheets on your towels! Washing in fabric softener coats the terry fibers with silicones, and will actually make towels less absorbent.

To limit smells and bacteria growth, hang towels and rags up to dry if there will be some time before they're laundered.

When you snuggle your face into a really clean towel, you'll appreciate just how simple and frugal it was to get it that way.

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