Thursday, May 10, 2007

Frugal Friday--Misc.

Here are some great (I thought!) ideas I recently came across:

Cookie of the Month Gift: You, of course, give a different type of cookie to the recipient each month. But you're not going to buy them, you're going to make them. This would be such a great gift for the kids to give to Grandaddy &/or Grandmother.

Kitchen compost bin: use a large, plastic coffee can--clearly labelled--to keep scraps for the compost until you can take them out.

Sharing and trading plant cuttings can really save on plant costs in the garden. An easy way to root your cuttings is to take a paper napkin or paper towel and fold it to hold a handful of garden soil. Place the bottom of the cutting in the soil and wrap the napkin around the bottom of the plant. Tie with a rubber band to keep soil from falling out and place it in a freezer-type resealable bag. Add water to the bag so that the soil is moist, but not muddy and close the bag around the cutting. Place in a window and in about 6 weeks you will have a plant with roots. This works very well with lots of different plants, so give it a try.

Shampooing your carpet, 2 tips: If you're regularly using carpet shampoo, try using a a cup of vinegar in hot water to fill the tank and shampoo with this mixture to clean out any soapy residue.

Also, my mother was told by a carpet cleaning pro to just use carbonated soda water in the tank. It really works! Try getting the soda water at the "dollar" store.

For lots more tips, visit Biblical Womanhood.


  1. Hi There! Great Tips! I am going to try the carb soda water next time I shampoo the carpets, I never would have thought of that. Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Well, the planting and composting tips would be great if I could grow things without killing them. ;-)

    Club soda is great stuff! I use it to clean my mirrors, rather than using smelly commercial stuff. I'll definitely try it next time I steam clean my carpets!

  3. thanx for stopping by the inn. You should be able to leave a comment under "montana musings " :)

    Great tips... I'll visit again soon
    GP in Montana

  4. What great tips, thanks for sharing :)

    Rachel xxx
    aka A Juggling Mum


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