Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Called to Queenhood

Here's an excert of a wonderful article by Naomi Campbell at Above Rubies. There's just no time to be bored at home!

There is a quality of queenliness in every woman. You innately desire it. Your husband desires it, and as king, he wants you to be his queen. We see it in our young daughters and granddaughters. They want to be princesses. They want to dress up as princesses when they play ‘dress ups’ -- they are subconsciously practicing to be queens. They love to play ‘mommies and daddies’ with their dolls -- they are intuitively preparing for motherhood. We don’t teach them to do this. They do it naturally… until their minds are re-programmed by the humanistic propaganda of our modern society.

Just as men should walk in kingliness, so we should walk in queenliness. And we have a queendom to reign over. Yes, there is such a word in the dictionary.* Unfortunately it has become a forgotten word as women have left the glory of their homes to pursue vain callings, careers that may seem glamorous and enticing now, but which will one day be left behind. On the other hand, mothering, embracing and training children, and reigning over a queendom will powerfully affect the nation, the generations to come and even more powerfully, eternity!

Read the rest of this great article here.


  1. beautiful flowers...great photo!!!

  2. A great, thoughtful article, thank you for the link! It really makes you think about running a household in a different light. Being queen is an honor and a responsibility!


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