Monday, May 21, 2007

7 Random Things

Hand crafted scarves, "Random" and "Seven" by James Donald, can be found at Thistle and Broom.

OC Mom tagged me for 7 Random Things. This should be easy. I have an artistic, random/global brain DD, so I have to deal with random all the time. ;-D

1. Fox probably isn't the only network to do it, but it's not unusual to see talking heads with tan faces and pale hands there, something which I think is distracting and funny. Come on, makeup department, for those whose hands will show give 'em some color, too!

2. God bless bloggers who don't require the anti-spam codes to post on their blogs. I can understand their use if spam has been a problem for a particular blogger, but for those who don't really need it, please consider changing your settings. These 47 yo eyes sure would appreciate it.

3. I just love my wee Westie, Riley. He's such a sweetheart. We got him from a rescue, and he's just full of fun and love. You can see more of him by clicking on his Dogster badge in the sidebar.

4. I would so much rather eat out than in. No, it's not practical, but there it is.

5. I want a koi pond.

6. God bless positive, encouraging people. It takes more of them to offset the negative, drag-you-down types, so I treasure everyone of them.

7. I am blessed with the best husband in the world! No kidding! Through thick and thin, birth and death, and nutty relations and nuttier relations, he's been a beautiful example of Christian manhood.

I'm not comfortable tagging anyone, so if you want to take up the challenge, post about it and let me know in the comments.


  1. Hi Sherry, you did a marvelous job telling about yourself in this random post.
    That's so funny about Fox news. When we used to have cable (do I harp on that a lot?) my dh and I used to make fun of the obvious Botox treatments some of them had, but we never noticed the hands.
    I'm one of those anti-spam bloggers - oops. I visited a friend's blog once who had a blasphemous diatribe posted without her knowledge and the thought of that happening to me was just awful...but I agree, those little letters are hard to read.
    And Riley is so cute! I hadn't noticed him before on your blog - he deserves a more prominent spot in your sidebar. :)

  2. Thanks, OC Mom. I can understand the antispam codes if they're need. I hope I don't have anything unpleasant like that happen to me, but I'm not so naive to think that it doesn't happen to bloggers.

    I'll have to do a post on Riley some time. I need to get a pic of him with the next door neighbor's dog, Zelda, who is a gorgeous Great Dane. They're hilarious together.

  3. #2... The letter spam codes are bad for those of us with dyslexia, too...... I HATE THEM!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! We are having a good time learning new things with Manuel

  4. I put my seven random things on. I think yours were great. Big kudos to your husband who got such great reviews!
    I never get those antispam things right either.

  5. I love random, probably because I am random and I just took my anti-spam off this week, finally. As for not eating in, if I had a personal chef that could make me all those wonderful things I would eat in a lot - and invite others, but it is not that way, besides, restaurants love to see their repeat customers.


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