Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Alpha Chai?

We went to the Alpha Chi induction last night. We were pleased for our son. And, yes, we got bored.

Well, natch. After our son made his way across the front of the room and signed his name in the Alpha Chi book and received his pin, what more was there? Ah, yes, a speaker.

The speaker was a nice, Christian lady with a long line of credentials, including a PhD in education. But I, the lowly sahm that I am, could have given that speech. Frankly, I'm beginning to think that there is a generic speech female Christian speakers use, tweaking it as appropriate for the situation. That may be one reason why I don't really care for women's retreats (other than I can't get any sleep & they make me get up early). They're all using the same speech/talk with the same illustrations and Bible verse references. All the men, unsurprisingly, went to sleep (yep, even mine; but, hey, he's a kinesthetic learner).

But that wasn't the worst of it. No sirree. The speaker made a terrible "faux pas": she (and I still can't believe she did it) called the honor society Alpha Chi. Literally. Like chai tea. And I think she was the only one who didn't realize her mistake.

So when we add studying the Greek alphabet to our curriculum, I don't want to hear a word about it, except maybe a sigh of relief.

One induction down, two more to go. At least at the next one we get dinner.

In the meantime, tea anyone?


  1. That is so funny that the speaker used the wrong word! Maybe she did think it was alpha chai tea honors? =)

  2. It was sad. The least she could have done was use it later in the speech to perk us up. ;-)


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