Monday, April 9, 2007

Home Schooling With Honor

Tonight we will attend the first of three honor society inductions for our oldest child. He is finishing up his third year at Dallas Baptist University as a business finance major. He has taken his studies seroulsy and tackled them with great diligence. I think his father and are are justifiably proud.

Benj has been home schooled since day one, and I can still remember him sitting at the table, all his attention to me, ready to "do school" that first day of kindergarten. We were using Covenant Home Curriculum then, and it didn't take me too long to figure out that giving a kindergartener a letter grade in penmanship was a waste of time. We used Covenant for first grade but we dropped the record keeping service. After that year, our educational philosophies continued to evolve and I became more eclectic with our curriculum, picking and choosing what I thought would work best. We always had a classical leaning, but we've always found strong needs to be willing to adapt and change for each child--especially the ones with strong right brain thinking. These children simply don't fit into preconceived molds, which is all the more reason to home school them.

Looking back, the biggest thing I'd change would be ME! I'd be much less uptight and demanding, much less worried about what others thought, and less concerned with performing to others' stantdards. Despite my faults, the children have learned well and have bright futures.

So we will proudly attend our oldest's induction ceremonies, all three of them, knowing that, with God's help, we couldn't have made a better choice than to home school our children.

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  1. Congratulations!! You did a great job (and Ben's proving it!)
    What an honor! Way to go Ben!


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