Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Great Divorce: The Movie

Some good news from Cranach, Gene Edward Veith's blog:

Major movie scoop: I just talked with Ken Wales, the Christian movie producer with Walden Media who gave us "Amazing Grace" as well as the less pious but hilarious "Revenge of the Pink Panther" (1978, with Peter Sellers). He is going to be the graduation speaker here at Patrick Henry College. He said that a project he will start working on in the near future is a movie version of C. S. Lewis's "The Great Divorce"!

That is one of my favorite Lewis books, containing, for example, that lampoon of the liberal bishop who is writing about how hell does not exist, even as he lives there. The book is a combination of talky theological discourses plus hallucinatory symbolic imagery. How could that be made into a film? But if Mr. Wales can pull it off, the result should amaze.

But, oh, if people will only be able to understand it!


  1. Hi,

    Yes, that certainly would be a feat and an interesting movie if Ken Wales could pull it off. Although I am not into C.S. Lewis, I just might go to that movie.

    Btw, we homeschool also and I was wondering if you knew of any teen blogs for homeschoolers or just inspiring/good blogs by teens?

  2. Hi Myrrh,

    I found these possibilities for you. You'll have to check them out for yourself. HTH, Sherry

  3. Thanks for the heads-up. I'll be watching for this movie. I love the book, but I have trouble imagining it on the screen. But it would be so wonderful to see it all!


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