Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Garden Flower Arrangements

Floral arrangements from your own garden are especially satisfying.

I just love this idea from BHG:

Double Vase with a Twist
For a modern look, layer two square glass vases -- one 6 inches, one 4 inches -- and float slices of tiny key limes in water between the two. Roses, peonies, Allium, Dendrobium, salvias, and geraniums burst from the top of the vases.

If you don't have all the flowers you need from your garden (probably true for most of us at least part of the year), you can get them from the supermarket. The great trick for when you have to purchase your flowers, but you still want an out-of-the-garden look, is to is to first choose a bouquet with mostly the same flower, not a wild mix of color and not something very exotic that wouldn't even come close to growing in your area. At home, remove the baby's breath and the florist foliage from the grouping. You'll want to go outside to find interesting greenery to complement your bouquet. Look around, and don't hesitate to use something a bit unusual. Make a simple arrangement of your flowers and your greenery in a pleasing vase. And there you have it, your own garden arrangement.

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