Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Texas Budget Reform

This important notice came in my mail today. Considering a post I made earlier on my Yahoo 360 (Gee, Look What Lowering Taxes Does), it's about time we did the same thing in Texas.


In the face of ever-expanding government growth and spending, increasing property taxes, wasteful
spending, and next to no budget transparency, it is the time for real reform and accountability to replace Texas’ tax and spend policies with strong fiscal discipline.

There are some pieces of legislation that would enact some meaningful budgetary reforms this session:

(Go to Texans for Fiscal Responsibility now! and tell your legislator to support these reforms!)

• Strong Spending Restrictions (HJR 53 or HJR 2) State: Six-year rolling average of inflation-plus-population growth, applied to all state funds; surplus funds to be used for tax relief or rebate. Local governments: Limit to a 5% maximum increase from property tax revenues, with voter approval required to bust the limit.

• Real Spending Transparency (HB 640 and HB 2560) Government expenditures should be made available in an accessible format online.

• Eliminate Taxes No Longer Needed (HB 735 and SB 294) Specific-propose taxes should not be used to supplement the state’s general revenues.

This unique series of reforms will vault Texas ahead of the other states and the federal government in providing sound fiscal stewardship of the taxpayers’ money.

We, the taxpayers of Texas, are eager to see leadership that restores our confidence in the lawmakers’ ability to govern the “checkbook issues” wisely and ethically.


Go to Texans for Fiscal Reform and tell your legislator to support these meaningful and important budgetary reforms! Your letter will be printed and hand delivered to your legislator’s office, and you will receive a confirmation that it was delivered.

It’s time to halt out-of-control growth of government. Texas’ state government spending has grown 500% since 1978 and 20% since 2003!

We deserve a government that is dedicated to spending our money wisely, honestly, and responsibly. We need a true spending limit, one that requires genuine and authentic accountability. We must know how our money is being spent. We expect honest budgets.

• Click the link above, fill it out, and it will be hand delivered to your legislator.
• Follow-up is critical. Make sure your legislator actually follows through and votes right.
• Forward this on and tell your friends and neighbors about these important budget reforms! You can learn more by visiting www.EmpowerTexans.com.

By keeping taxes low, spending responsible, and accountability high, we will ensure that our state’s economy grows and prospers for the next generation.


Andrew Kerr
Texans for Fiscal Responsibility
(512) 236-0201
Texans for Fiscal Responsibility

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