Saturday, March 31, 2007

Idolizing Irises!

Spring has sprung, and after the early heirloom white irises, these gorgeous peach ones, called Tahiti Surprise, are among the next to bloom.

Here's another heirloom bearded iris. All of my heirloom irises I inherited from my Granny. I also inherited my love for bearded irises from her.

My father almost killed out the dark purple beauty by regularly mowing over all of the rhizomes. I saved as many as I could and have been nursing them for the past several years. Now they have grown enough to bloom again.

The yellow and white, Harvest of Memories, is a wonderful little rebloomer.

The non-heirloom irises are all from Argyle Acres, which is a wonderful place to visit during the annual garden tour. If you're like me, you'll want all of them. It's so hard to choose!

All these photos were taken by my blossoming (how fitting) photog, my DD, M.J.


  1. You've got beautiful irises!! Mine haven't bloomed yet, but they are getting ready to.

  2. Thanks, Lilly. I wish they could last until fall.


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